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Anything At All

Month: May, 2013

Good Morning!

The world is full of sounds and smells and tastes and visions. My senses are never bored, and there is always something new to experience. This blog will cover all that I find fascinating. This, of course, might not always be a good thing because it often fascinates me how human beings can be so awful towards one another.


Mostly though, I would like to focus on the enjoyable. This might entail a new album, a good meal, a delicious bottle of wine. There might be a post about an upcoming event in which I will be involved. I might share a recipe or there might be a story about attempting to bake something new. 


I hope those of you who find this blog will enjoy it in the spirit it is meant, and maybe someone will actually find something useful in it as well. 


Thank you.


My Albums

Just as I have embarked upon a brand new blog today, I also opened a new music page today featuring a number of my own recordings available for streaming and downloading.

First, a single called ‘Being Alive Isn’t Livng’, is a melancholy little tune I love that used to infuriate a former bandmate because of its key signature. It features metal percussion, Fender Bass VI, and a singing, sighing, feedbacking tapestry in the background.

Then, there are two albums I made at different times in my life. The first is entitled, ‘Nothing New’ whose conception came about while on a long rambling walk in San Francisco. It is a long rambling journey of its own as if traveling from place to place and time to time. The electric guitar is the thru line in all of this even as the obvious bits change around it. There are no spoken bits, but there is a song with wine glasses and metal/water percussion and lots of altered sounds. And at the end a bit of piano, again, with electric guitar flitting at the edges of the frames.

Finally, there is ‘Sick Day’. Indeed, I was a bit sick. In my head, in my supposed soul; every fiber of my being felt stuck and useless. I literally called in sick to work and plugged in my guitar. The title track is the result. That is the essence of how I felt:  that noise and cacophony, the ebbing and flowing. As one might surmise from the first track, ‘Hotter Heads Will Prevail’, some of my troubles stemmed from a beautiful woman whom I loved. Of course, as we all know, sometimes love is not enough. There are so many levels, tangents, diversions and distractions to this life. Relationships of every stripe are hard work to maintain. We make mistakes we hope we can learn from. We hope they can forgive. More importantly, we hope we can forgive.

The last track is perhaps the most difficult, But for me, it was the road towards freedom. I call it ‘Meditation’, but really it was almost medication against the dreaded curse of inertia. I think I was probably channeling a bit of the ‘Grundstück’ hex of The Einstürzende Neubauten, but sometimes that is what we need is a little magic to get us through. Or is that a whole other can of worms best left unopened.

I hope someone who hears something here is simply moved or touched. If you wish to listen multiple times and download, well, then I am honored and thank you!


Thanks for reading.