Days and Weeks Go By

I often struggle to figure out the here. The now. Well, don’t we all? The past often feels like a weight around our necks pulling us down into the blackness. If the now is suffocating, and the past is drowning us then where can we truly stand? ┬áReally?!

Strangely, well, not really, for me, this got me thinking about music I loved growing up. The strands, ties and parallels are simply complex but visceral. Maybe foundational. If you feel lost, look to an attempt at a foundation however murky or soupy.

The Pink Panther (Soundtrack to the original movie)- Henry Mancini had a gift! He was both sophisticated and childlike in his composing and outlook. This is rare indeed. He could compose for both David Niven and Peter Sellers within the same framework, and he could imagine a pink panther within the greatest, most valuable diamond. I heard it! On the record! As a child, and it stays with me today!

Luciano Pavarotti- O Holy Night. Well, Christmas just passed in a flash, and I had a lovely one. Pav is never not a part of Christmas, and his album is full of songs about Christ and believing and faith and falling to rise again! And I believe in this, well really, zero percent, but the music, the voice, I cannot live without it. My mother had this record, and I have owned it on tape and CD. I listen every year!

I was in high school, 1986, 1987, or so, French Club. I was studying, and we had a side walk sale. I had heard Carpenters’ Christmas music for years without fail. Someone else had brought it, Christmas Portrait. $.50. I decided I had to have it. It was new and familiar, comforting and strange, my gateway to my eventual love of The Carpenters. They were soft and comfortable, but odd and strange too. Not so easy if you dug deep enough, and dig I did; deep enough to know, to see.

to be continued tomorrow. . . .

Happy New Year!