Faves of 2014

In no particular order:

Julian Bream Classical Guitar Anthology: 42 Disc box of albums unavailable for years plus two DVDs. He is my favorite classical guitarist, and this is the motherlode.

Richard Thompson- Electric
Another great example of his playing and song writing. He has grown into his voice, and his writing still stings for the lost, hopeless, hopeful and desperate. I think it might be his best in ten years, and that’s saying something.

The Staves- I think this was just released here just this year, but wow! Their voices, their harmonies! It’s three sisters from England. Great vocals, great lyrics. They only sound like themselves.

Invisible Hands- Alvarius B and his Cairo based band together again! Insightful, scathing, melodic, powerful, beautiful. Fans of Sun City Girls must check this out!

Einstuerzende Neubauten-Lament.
OK, hands down my favorite. It’s not yet released in North America, don’t ask me why. This disc looks back to WWI because they were asked to, but it also surveys the band’s own history. They have always lived on the fringes, and that is where the research goes as well. They sought out the unknown stories, and obscure angles which played right into the rich history of the band itself. Blixa makes a point of pointing towards the future: one war begets another, and it never ceases. So the Neubauten never completely stop; never stay the same. They come back refreshed ever anew still the same but still something new, unexpected.